ITPRO Services is a well-know provider of Consulting, Information Technology (IT) and Outsourcing services. ITPRO Services is a company focused on delivering high quality services to our partners, no matter big or small every client is our IMPORTANT PARTNERS. We started from a very small company to who we are now.


Our main goal is to make sure our partners have the right IT information & the perfect IT TEAM, We are here to support our SME to reduce cost at same time having the highest quality of services. The reason why we are able to provide excellent services is because we put our customers first in place.


We provide the following services –

Troubleshooting|Repair|Servicing of most IT Related Products.

-Servicing such as Reformatting, Cleaning of internal IT Products, Resetting of IT Products, removing Viruses/Worms, .

-For repairs we do all kinds of repairs, from notebook motherboard, notebook keyboard, notebook mouse, notebook graphic card & much more.


Building Websites|Designing & Maintaning Your Website|Web-Hosting|Email-Hosting|Seo

Networking & Troubleshooting Network -Networking Services such as, Labeling Cables, Tidying Cables, Pulling of Cat5 or Cat6 Cables, Installing networking product such as, switches, modem, AP, Wireless Router & More
-We also Troubleshoot network problem, if network is down, Pc disconnect from network, router/modem/switches not performing at its best.


Sales of all IT Products from Compatible toners, Originals toners, Desktop, Laptop, Networking equipment, PC peripherals, Printer & ETC


Installation Services such as, Original software Installation, Installation of printer, Setting up email accounts, Adding users to server


On-Site Services for Home & Corporate Partners.


Honest Consultation to our Partners